Connected Mobility is the future of sustainable travelling.

iMoto is one of the world’s leading hardware suppliers for connected mobility assets like cars, bikes and last-mile vehicles.

The world of mobility is changing. Electric power assist for bikes is becoming the standard and electrification of vehicles is taking off. Another disruptive force is e-commerce and the last-mile delivery network enabling it.

The one common factor is that all assets will be connected to reach maximum sustainability, efficiency, and user engagement.


‘’Tapping into the immense opportunities that Connected Mobility has to offer isn’t easy.‘’

Discover the benefits.


Real-time insights of the complete fleet will reduce the Total Cost of Ownership

Efficiency of

A connected asset thrives in a long-lasting engagement with customers.


No longer a promise, but a must-have for fleets, new insurance models and customer retention.

Connected Businesses.

New mobility concepts are modernizing the way we travel and transport goods.
They rely increasingly on connected assets to reach their full potential in terms
of efficiency, reliability, and engagement. Whether this is a bike, car,
last-mile vehicle or an e-scooter.

  • Enhanced fleet management (B2B)
  • e-Bike manufacturers
  • Connected vehicle application (B2C)
  • Car dealers and car importers
  • Last-mile delivery companies using
  • Car-sharing without handover
    of keys

What iMoto offers.

iMoto is one of the few companies in the world that is uniquely positioned making every possible mobility asset connected. iMoto’s hardware-ecosystem that has been developed in recent years is used in over 100.000 assets; from bikes to cars and last-mile vehicles.

The iMoto hardware is able to connect to all (proprietary) platforms and is comes with FOTA (Firmware Over-The-Air) and state-of-art cybersecurity measures ensuring functional updates, secure transmission of data and security update patches in the future.

Hardware portfolio

We offer a complete connected hardware portfolio. Each hardware variant with its own, unique characteristics to comply with the demands of a specific asset or business.


Functional software, configurations, firmware, Over-the-Air update functionality and state-of-art security are standard features of iMoto’s hardware.

Connected ecosystem

Partnerships enable iMoto to offer M2M connectivity, platforms and front-end applications to complete any requirements of a connected ecosystem.

It’s all about that hardware.

The iMoto hardware is the engine of many connected applications out there. Kia Motors Netherlands B2B fleet management and B2C applications as well as Tropos’ Fleet Management system are only a few in the long list.

MIND Mobility

• B2C application
• B2B fleet applications

Tropos Motors

• Telematics
• Real-time vehicle health

We have the solution for you.

With supplying over 130.000 units in less than 5 years, owning the entire Intellectual Property portfolio and all relevant cloud infrastructure elements, iMoto is uniquely positioned providing hardware solutions that suits the needs of your company.

A hardware partner to kickstart your IoT aspirations

A proven product portfolio to improve your current hardware product line-up

CAN-bus library for over 1.000 vehicles

Challenge us!

Our aim is making mobility more sustainable and improve efficiency. Connecting assets plays an key role in achieving that ambition. The good thing is, we can help you and your company achieve these goals. So, challenge us by completing the contact form and we will get in touch with you.